Sat, 14th June   12

Apple White!

Sat, 24th May   1
Sorry to bother but I was wondering if you had a link to the Apple design you posted a little while back? The one of her turning around (I think)? It'd be so awesome if you could help! thx
from: Anonymous

At first, I just googled “Ever After High character designs” and found it. But it was on this article on Guru studio here, (x)

Fri, 23rd May   27

The character designs!

Fri, 23rd May   92

The O’Hair twins

Sun, 30th March   24

The little details in the outfits.

Wed, 26th March   74

The amazing hair animation.

Wed, 05th March   27


The breathtaking backgrounds!

Similar Reason: The backgrounds. So. Much. DETAIL. It’s gorgeous.

Wed, 05th March   25

THE BOOKS. Shannon Hale is so fantastic at writing about amazing friendships and relationships that you can really root for.

Tue, 04th March   31

I love the EAH fandom and artists like are-you-royal-or-rebel and duchessswan who make the characters more realistic and bring so much life to them!!

Tue, 04th March   20

I love Ever After High because of Lizzie Hearts!